The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (March 29)

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How to Write a Freelance Pitch That Gets Clients
from Jamal at 1stWebDesigner

Sell Your Writing: Ideas Mean Sales and Money
from Angela Booth at Fab Freelance Writing Blog

How to Recognize a Good Freelance Client
(and 10 Types of Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them)
from Laura Spencer at Freelance Folder

A Freelance Dilemma: How to Get Paid, Not Played
from Anne Fisher at CNN Money

Freelance Income Sources and the 80/20 Rule
from Mike Rooney at Mike Rooney

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (March 15)

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How to Organize the Writing Samples on Your Writer Website
from Bree Brouwer at The Renegade Writer

How I Conquered 200+ Emails Per Day and Reclaimed My Writing Time
from Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing

5 Time Management Tips for Writers Who Work From Home
from David Bakke at The BookBaby Blog

6 Habits of Successful Writers
from Lorianne at About Writing Squared

Freelance Writing: How to Handle Clients Who Hate Your Work
from Ruth Halpin at Freelance Writing dot com

The Daily Five: Thursday

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Five Freelancing Tools That Improve Writing
From David at About Freelance

Five Realizations that Helped Me Write Regularly
From Joel Gascoigne at Lifehacker

How To Self-Publish Your Novel on the Amazon Kindle
From Eric Griffith at PC Mag

The Five Stages Of Grief Following The Publication Of One’s First Book
From Misha Angrist at The Awl

Readmill Looks to Connect Authors, Publishers and Readers
From Ben Rooney at The Wall Street Journal
Direct link to Readmill

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