The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (April 19)

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4 Things All Freelancers Should Be Doing Online
from Brent Galloway at Graphic Design Blender

12 Ways to Keep Prospects Hooked on Your Freelance Blog
from Carol Tice at Freelance Switch

The Complete Guide to Setting and Negotiating Freelance Rates
from Tom Ewer at Lifehacker

Lessons in Freelancing: How to Diversify Your Client Base
from Steph Auteri at Atlanta Daily World

The Perils of Freelancing
from Marion Scher at Bizcommunity

Bonus Article:
The Pros and Cons of Self-Employment
from Jeffrey Trull at Dough Roller

Bonus Resource:
64 Ways to Make Great Money Writing from Anywhere!
from American Writers & Artists Inc.

Bonus Anecdote:
Beware the Caps Lock Key
from Clients From Hell

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (April 12)


Freelancing 101: Your First Day
from Alison Fromme at The Science Writers’ Handbook

Use a Full-Time Fantasy to Figure Out Your On-the-Side Freelance Rate
from Kevin Purdy at LifeHacker

Best 9 Freelancing Websites to Find Work Online
from Alex Serban at Technology Personalized

For Freelancers Who Need to Make Money Quickly
from Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing

How to Live the Freelance Life with Evernote: Tips from Joelle Alcaidinho
from Kasey Fleisher Hickey at The Evernote Blog