The Friday Double Five: Freelance Writing (June 14)

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How to Be a Successful Freelance Writer
from Rahul Ghosh at Medium

Learn How to Earn a Living As a Freelance Writer – Part 1
from Edie Melson at Vonda Skelton (originally published at The Write Conversation)

How I Became a Full-Time Freelance Writer and Blogger
from Joe Warnimont at Write With Warnimont

Mom-Blog Writing Workshop, Session 6: Freelance Writing Tips
from Melissa Leddy at My San Antonio: Maternity Ward

The Advice I Wish I’d Had As a New Freelance Writer
from Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing

9 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Freelance Writing
from Karol K (Writers in Charge) at Aliventures

Five Freelance Writing Pitfalls
from Kat at Triple Crit

6 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Commit to Sabotage Their Careers
from Vandana Singhal at Vandana Singhal

Are You Missing Out On This Vital Freelance Writing Skill?
How to Fake Your Way Into More Freelance Writing Gigs
from Linda Formichelli at The Renegade Writer

5 Paying Websites That Will Help You Launch Your Freelance Writing Career
from Amanda Abella at Amanda Abella


Morning Coffee Newsletter at Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing at Jobs & Careers

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (May 3)

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How to Become a Freelance Writer
from various contributors at wikiHow

Seven Tips for Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer
from Dwight Arvin at EzineArticles

How to Score the Guest Posts That Will Get Your Freelance Blog Noticed
from Carol Tice at FreelanceSwitch

What Freelancers Really Need to Know About Testimonials
50+ Myths About Freelancing
from Laura Spencer at

Your Self-Supporting Hobby: Some Resources for Freelance Writing
from Julia M. Reffner at The Writers Alley

Bonus Resources:

Freelancer’s Survival Guide
from Kristine Kathryn Rusch

15 Killer Resources for Beginning Freelance Writers
from Larry at

Guide to Freelancing (collection of freelancing articles)

Bonus Anecdote:
I Gave Up My Job Security to Try Freelance Writing Full-Time — And After a Terrifying Start It’s Worked Out Great
from Lindsay Cross at xoJane

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (April 26)

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How to Write a Business Plan for a Freelance Writer & Photographer (Melanie Novak)
How to Post Your Writing Portfolio Online (Jason Hinkley)
from Contributors at eHow

Best Resources for Launching Your Freelance Website Today
from Tara Hornor at Freelance Switch

12 Tips for Becoming a Contagious Freelancer
from Laura Spencer at Freelance Folder

Client Relationship Reminders for Freelance Writers
from Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing

How I Renegotiated a Freelance Writing Deadline
Top 10 Ways to Be a More Productive Freelance Writer
from John Soares at Productive Writers

Bonus Anecdote:
The Story of How I Went from Broke Wannabe Writer to Living the Freelance Life
from Linda Formichelli at The Renegade Writer

Bonus Resource:
Freelance Writing Jobs Facebook Page

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (April 19)

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4 Things All Freelancers Should Be Doing Online
from Brent Galloway at Graphic Design Blender

12 Ways to Keep Prospects Hooked on Your Freelance Blog
from Carol Tice at Freelance Switch

The Complete Guide to Setting and Negotiating Freelance Rates
from Tom Ewer at Lifehacker

Lessons in Freelancing: How to Diversify Your Client Base
from Steph Auteri at Atlanta Daily World

The Perils of Freelancing
from Marion Scher at Bizcommunity

Bonus Article:
The Pros and Cons of Self-Employment
from Jeffrey Trull at Dough Roller

Bonus Resource:
64 Ways to Make Great Money Writing from Anywhere!
from American Writers & Artists Inc.

Bonus Anecdote:
Beware the Caps Lock Key
from Clients From Hell

The Friday Five: Freelance Writing (April 12)


Freelancing 101: Your First Day
from Alison Fromme at The Science Writers’ Handbook

Use a Full-Time Fantasy to Figure Out Your On-the-Side Freelance Rate
from Kevin Purdy at LifeHacker

Best 9 Freelancing Websites to Find Work Online
from Alex Serban at Technology Personalized

For Freelancers Who Need to Make Money Quickly
from Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing

How to Live the Freelance Life with Evernote: Tips from Joelle Alcaidinho
from Kasey Fleisher Hickey at The Evernote Blog