The Wednesday Five: Publishing Process (April 10)

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Self-Publishing Tips Offered For the Family Historian
from Trent Toone at Deseret News

The Business Rusch: The Logic Behind Self Publishing
from Kristine Kathryn Rusch at her blog

Book Experts Weigh in On the Publishing Industry’s Revolution
from The Washington Post: Lifestyle

Book Publishing 101: What Publishers Are Looking For
from Laura Duane at The Daily Muse

The New World of Publishing: The Assumption of Agents
from Dean Wesley Smith at his blog

The Wednesday Five: Publishing Process (April 3)

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The Future of Reading and Writing: Book Experts Weigh In
from Tina Plottel at Mercury News: Entertainment

What Editors and Publishers Look for in Authors
from Stephanie Karpinske at Writing Belle: The Art of Storytelling

When Self-Publishing is Just Screaming Into the Void
from Chuck Wendig at TerribleMinds

Cover Art
from Joe Konrath at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

BiblioCrunch, WattPad Connect Authors with Readers
from Mercy Pilkington at Good E-Reader

The Wednesday Five: Publishing Process (March 27)

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Guy Kawasaki on the Benefits of Self-Publishing
from Chris Crum at WebProNews

A How-To Guide for Self-Publishing
from Alexandra Cain at Newcastle Herald

The Future of Publishing: Asking Ksenia Anske
from Johann Thorsson at Book Riot

Deadlines Drive the Publishing Business
from Terry Whalin at The Writing Life

E-Books and Self-Publishing Roundup, March 21, 2013
from Julie Keck at MediaShift

Wednesday Five: Publishing Process (March 13)

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7 Signs You Are Ready to Self-Publish (a Checklist)
from Damien G. Walter

The 7 Worst Mistakes of Indie Authors and How to Fix Them
from Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Keys to Self-Publishing a Book: Copy Editing
from Biff Barnes at Stories to Tell
(Bonus article: Self-Publishing a Book: 25 Things You Need to Know from David Carnoy at CNET)

Author Turns to Self-Publishing, with Help From ‘Podmates’
from Judith Rosen at Publishers Weekly

Guy Kawasaki Joins Publishing Marketplace as Board Advisor
from Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends
(Resource: – “an online marketplace that connects writers with the services they need to create their books and get them sold”)

The Daily Five: Thursday

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Five Freelancing Tools That Improve Writing
From David at About Freelance

Five Realizations that Helped Me Write Regularly
From Joel Gascoigne at Lifehacker

How To Self-Publish Your Novel on the Amazon Kindle
From Eric Griffith at PC Mag

The Five Stages Of Grief Following The Publication Of One’s First Book
From Misha Angrist at The Awl

Readmill Looks to Connect Authors, Publishers and Readers
From Ben Rooney at The Wall Street Journal
Direct link to Readmill

Thursday 5: Publishing Your Work

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10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Any E-Publishing Service
From Jane Friedman

Bracing for Impact – The Future of Big Publishing in the New Paradigm
From Kristen Lamb

Self-Publishers Beware
From The Book Designer

Why I Choose Self-Publishing
From MK Elliott (guest-blogging at Eroticon 2012)

This Is Utterly Ridiculous…I Can’t Even.
From Parafantasy

8 Links: Hooking Readers, NaNoWriMo, and More

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From Lyn Midnight‘s WriMos FTW! (a blog-hub for 2011 Nanoers):
Whammo! You hooked ’em! by Julie A. Lindsay
A great article on the importance of hooking readers in the first pages of your novel, including tips to help make that happen.


From Jody Hedlund‘s website:
How to Keep Writing When the Honeymoon is Over
Tips to help you stay with your first draft after the initial euphoria is gone.


From Bob Mayer at Write it Forward:
The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors.
Tips to help you establish and maintain your status as a published writer.


From The Writers’ Workshop:
Quick Guide to Writing Convincing Characters
Another excellent approach to an essential pre-writing step.    


From EelKat on Squidoo:
NaNoWriMo: Reaching 50,000 Using EelKat’s Methods
13 steps to success from one of my favorite Tweeters.


From Scott Eagen‘s blog:
A NaNo No No
If you’re so behind on NaNo you don’t have even a wisp of hope of catching up, take heart. Not everyone believes NaNoWriMo is worth it.


Writing friends on Twitter: follow Jon Winokur (from AdviceToWriters) for excellent daily writing tips.


Finally, just for fun – from The Office of Letters and Light (official organizers of NaNoWriMo):
The 30 Covers, 30 Days Blog
Why not take a break from writing to browse a few well-done book covers? You may find some inspiration here (or at least a cover artist worth bookmarking for the future).