The Thursday Five: Marketing (June 20)

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Building Your Author Platform #5: Facebook
(#4: Goodreads, #3: Amazon Author Pages, #2: Twitter, #1: Developing Your Writing Blog)
from Tony Riches at The Writing Desk

6 Reasons Google+ Beats Facebook for Author Platform Building
from Marcy Kennedy at Jane Friedman
How Authors Can Connect with Readers Via a Google+ Hangout
from Cynthia Leitich Smith at Cynsations

How To Find Readers For Your Blog
from Molly Greene at Molly Greene: Writer

Why Email Marketing Benefits Your Book’s Sales
from Doris at Savvy Writers & e-Books Online

Dear Lovely Author (Truths About Marketing You Need to Know)
from Helen Moffett at Books LIVE

Bonus Anecdote:

The Art Of Marketing from Sulci Collective

The Thursday Double Five: Marketing (June 13)

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Book Marketing Tips for Fiction and Non-Fiction Authors
from Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

7 Bestseller Book Marketing Strategies for Fiction Writers
from Jonathan Gunson at Bestseller Labs

Four Fiction-Marketing Fallacies
from Carla Laureano at Carla Laureano

Ten Deadly Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Author Makes
from Penny C. Sansevieri at The Huffington Post: Blog

LinkedIn for Writers (Build a Social Media Platform)
from Janalyn Voigt at WordServe Water Cooler

One Writer’s Top Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Social Media
from Molly Dunne at The Bolin Marketing Blog

Attention Social Media Managers – Writer’s Block is No Excuse
from Kaylee Evans at BloggingPro

On Writing and Social Media: Mandi Ehman, Emily Freeman, Hayley Morgan
from Kat Lee at How They Blog

Do writers need social media?
from Sue Leonard at Irish Examiner

Picking Starberries… & other discoveries made while marketing fiction
from Serena Chase at Edgy Inspirational Romance


Social Media News for Writers from Alma Katsu

How They Blog from Kat Lee

Social Media Consciousness: The Blog Project. from Heather Day

The Thursday Five: Marketing (April 25)

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Author Etiquette 101: Do’s and Don’ts for Writers Using Social Media
from Anne R. Allen at Anne R. Allen’s Blog

How Social Media Changed the Dynamic Between Authors and Readers
from Joanne Clancy at Leaders West

Your Author Online Platform and Numbers – Newsletter Subscribers, Speaking Engagements, and Book Sales
from Karen Cioffi at Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing
Your Author Online Platform and Social Networks – Blog Page Views and Twitter Followers
What Is An Author Platform and How Do You Create It?

Ever Thought About a Virtual Launch Party? Here’s How!
from Pamela S. Meyers at We CAN Market Our Books!

And Then What Happened?: Chapter 3 in My Self-Publishing Diaries
from Julie Gerstenblatt at The Huffington Post: Blog

Bonus Resource:
18 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts
from Jody Hedlund at Goodreads

The Thursday Five: Social Media/Marketing (April 18)


8 Social Media Tips Just for Writers
from Frances Caballo at Write Nonfiction Now!

11 Author Website Must-Have Elements
from Kimberley Grabas at Your Writer Platform

Pinterest: A Visual Marketing Tool for Writers and Bloggers
from Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

3 Smashing Social Media Cheat Sheets
from Mitt Ray at Social Marketing Writing

Has Social Media become too BIG to be effective?
from Tim Flanagan at his website

The Thursday Five: Social Media/Marketing (April 4)

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The 7 Need to Knows About Marketing for Writers
from Siddharth Kalla at A Million Pens

Best of the Web on Social Media Writing
from Clare Dodd at Bad Language

The 7 Most Interesting Social Media Studies and What to Learn From Them
from Leo Widrich at Buffer

Social Media for Shy Writers
from Regan Walker at Once Written, Twice Shy

A Pinterest Site That Can Turn You Into a Social Media Wiz
from King Kaufman at The Bleacher Report Writers Blog

The Thursday Five: Social Media/Marketing (March 28)

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A Voice in the Wilderness: Getting Your Self-Published Work Noticed
from Josiah Williams at The WinePress Blog

How Writers Can Promote Their Work in a Digital Age
from Belen Chacon at CareerRealism

10 Twitter Tips for Authors (and everyone else)
from Meghan Ward at Writerland

4 Simple Ways for Writers to Create Great Social Media Content
from Dorie Clark at Huffington Post Books

Summing Up What I’ve Learned From 2002
(No Magic Marketing Technique Exists, Be a Storyteller First, Don’t Bang People on the Head With Your Book)
from Ruth Ann Nordin at Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

The Thursday Five: Social Media/Marketing (March 14)

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Social Media for Authors: 12 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Book Promotion
from Stephanie Chandler at Authority Publishing

How to Use Twitter Lists Effectively
from Edie Melson at The Write Conversation

Are You Wasting Your Time on Social Media?
from Damien G. Walter at Damien G. Walter

Brave New World: Marketing Books Online
(and Tips for Writers: The Dos and Don’ts of Selling Yourself Online)
from The Wheeler Centre

Book Marketing Tips: Build Your Author Platform Before You Publish
from CrossBooks

Friday 5: Social Media

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Authors: Meet Your New Friend Pinterest
From Tanja Thuesen at Media Tapper

14 Bloggers Share 14 Awesome Tips For Using Google+
From Srinivas Rao guest-blogging at SocialMouths

10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners
From Michelle Marie on Google+

Who needs publishers when you can pitch a book on social media?
From Russell Smith at The Globe and Mail

Why Authors Need Marketing Skills – Lots of Them
From Savvy Writers & e-Books Online
(and Free PR for writers)

Friday 5: Social Media

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What Every Author Ought to Know About Selling Books With Social Media
From Book Cover Cafe

A Little Love From Book Authors for Twitter
From Miller Mosaic, LLC (Social Media Marketing)

The Myth About Being “Liked” (on Facebook)
From Author Marketing Experts, Inc

9 Ways Authors Could Use Google+ to Drum Up Awareness and Sales
From Chris Brogan (on Google+)

5 Ways Writers Can Break Out of the Tired Old Social Media Box
From Copyblogger

Friday 10: Top Writing Blogs, Contests, Articles (Writing Process & Social Media), Free Downloads

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Happy Friday, dear writing friends!


Writing Opportunities

From The Write Practice: “Show Off” Writing Contest: The Love Story Edition

From Nick Rolynd: 30 Minute Fridays

From HorrorAddicts: 2 Horror Writing Contests (1 For Women, 1 For Men)


Top Writing Blogs

From eCollegeFinder: Top Writing Blog Nominees (Voting has ended, but bookmark for future reading.)


Articles on Writing Process

From Jeff GoinsThe Key to Distraction-Free Writing

From Maybe Genius: Spheres of Existence: Writing Other Experiences With Integrity


Articles on Social Media

From The Bookshelf Muse: Creating An Author Platform That Sticks

From Kristen Lamb: 10 Ways to Improve Your “Likability Quotient”


Free Downloads

eBook, from Amazon Kindle: Paradox (A Short Story) by Aaron Crocco

Digital music track, from John Anealio: “I Should Be Writing”

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