The Tuesday Five: Writing Process (November 5)

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How to get started writing a novel
from Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford, Author

10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice
from Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

5 Tips For Writing Better Characters Into Your Screenplay
from Noam Kroll at Noam Kroll: filmmaking, cinematography, & post-production

2 Essential Elements of a Scene
from Ron Estrada at Writer…Interrupted (with Gina Conroy)

Five Critical Components of Any Successful Novel’s Plot
from Victoria Grefer at Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Bonus Resources:

Types of Scenes

Articles on Plot / Articles on Characters

How to Write a Fight Scene

NaNoWriMo Plot and Writing Schedule & Resources for 11/13

International Plot Writing Month

The Tuesday Five: Writing Process (June 25)

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Does Your Hero Have a Hidden Dark Side?
from Lauren Sapala at Lauren Sapala

Your Character Did WHAT?
from Fiona Harper at The Pink Heart Society

Writing Addicted Characters
from Lisa Daniels at Jennifer Lane

Write Scenes a Beat at a Time
from Carol Despeaux at onewildword

Writing Extra Scenes
from Jag Swiftstorm at From a Jagged Inkwell

Writing Exercise:

Writing Tension into a Scene from Vikk Simmons at Down the Writer’s Path

General Resource:

Writing Excuses

Opinions on Writing Advice:

50 Rantypants Snidbits of Random Writing & Storytelling Advice from Chuck Wendig at terribleminds

My Writing Advice? Take Less Advice from Blythe Woolston at Blythe Woolston

10 Things Aspiring Novelists Should Know from Amanda Patterson at Writers Write AND…
“10 Things Aspiring Novelists Should Know”…maybe. from Alma Alexander at AlmaNews

The Tuesday Five: Writing Process (June 18)

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How Do I Write a Great Character?
from Lucy V Hay at Bang2Write

Writing Tip: Know Your Character Truths
from Ava Jae at Writability

Checklist When Writing Scenes (Part 1)
from Kaite O’Reilly at Kaite O’Reilly

The Fine Art of Writing Fast-Paced Action Scenes
from Rayne Hall at Venture Galleries

On Plot Resolution and Closure: When is Your Novel Supposed to End?
from Victoria Grefer at Creative Writing with the Crimson League

The Tuesday Double Five: Writing Process (June 11)

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The First 400 Word Rule for Writing Stonking Novel Openers
from Kat at Beginner Novel Writer’s Tips

Emotional Elements of a Plot
from J Gideon Sarantinos at Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Creating Great Novel Characters
from Helene Young at Writing Novels in Australia

Character Arcs
from Libby Fischer Hellmann at Libby Fischer Hellmann

What Role Playing Games Taught Me About Writing Bad Characters
from Leslie at Leslie J. Anderson

If You Don’t Respect Characters You Need Your Readers to Root For, Something’s Wrong
from Victoria Grefer at Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Creating Playlists for Characters: Using Music as Inspiration for Creative Writing
from Kimberly Erskine at Official Blog of Kimberly

Make a Scene – Elements of a Good Scene
How to Write Successful Scenes
from Amanda Patterson at Writers Write

Writing Out a Great Scene
from David Farland at David Farland

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart
from Rebecca Sinclair at Eclectics dot com

Wednesday 5: Writing Process

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Writing the Right Story vs. Writing the Story Right
From Write it Sideways

Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments of Writing & Daily Creative Routine
From Maria Popova at Brain Pickings

How to write fiction that is based on real life: 7 tips to bring your story to life
From Harlow Coban‘s guest blog at Novel Publicity & Co.

Four Things I Learned from a Bad Movie
From Katie Ganshert

Shady Characters
From James Huskins at #amwriting

8 Links: Hooking Readers, NaNoWriMo, and More

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From Lyn Midnight‘s WriMos FTW! (a blog-hub for 2011 Nanoers):
Whammo! You hooked ’em! by Julie A. Lindsay
A great article on the importance of hooking readers in the first pages of your novel, including tips to help make that happen.


From Jody Hedlund‘s website:
How to Keep Writing When the Honeymoon is Over
Tips to help you stay with your first draft after the initial euphoria is gone.


From Bob Mayer at Write it Forward:
The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors.
Tips to help you establish and maintain your status as a published writer.


From The Writers’ Workshop:
Quick Guide to Writing Convincing Characters
Another excellent approach to an essential pre-writing step.    


From EelKat on Squidoo:
NaNoWriMo: Reaching 50,000 Using EelKat’s Methods
13 steps to success from one of my favorite Tweeters.


From Scott Eagen‘s blog:
A NaNo No No
If you’re so behind on NaNo you don’t have even a wisp of hope of catching up, take heart. Not everyone believes NaNoWriMo is worth it.


Writing friends on Twitter: follow Jon Winokur (from AdviceToWriters) for excellent daily writing tips.


Finally, just for fun – from The Office of Letters and Light (official organizers of NaNoWriMo):
The 30 Covers, 30 Days Blog
Why not take a break from writing to browse a few well-done book covers? You may find some inspiration here (or at least a cover artist worth bookmarking for the future).

7 Sites That Will Help You Bring Your Characters to Life


I know, I know, I’m late again. And I can’t even blame it on Columbus this time.


From Deb Dorchak at Behind the Words:
Passion For Characters, an article about the the emotional journey a writer must take to turn flat, two-dimensional characters into well-rounded people who step off the page and into the reader’s imagination.


From Viv at Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking:
Where do heroes come from? Exploring the bond between writer and characters, a similar and very moving article. I couldn’t choose between them; they’re both worth the read.


From Charissa Weaks at The Writer’s Resource:
Threads of a Novel, a three part series about the three main components of a novel:
Part 1: Character Emotional Development Plotline
Part 2: Dramatic Action Plot
Part 3: Thematic Significance

Also take a look at Top 10 Strongest Human Fears on Charissa Weaks’ other page, A Day in the Life of An Aspiring Author. This is a good insight into the collective psyche of humankind, which should be a huge help in designing your characters. The Character Mining workshop handout is also really helpful, and it’s in PDF format for convenient downloading.


From Lisa Hall Wilson at Girls With Pens:
Reactive vs. Proactive Characters: Buffy vs Bella, an article that compares the allure of kickass female warrior Buffy (the vampire slayer) and passive Bella Swan of the Twilight saga. This is another important lesson when building characters.


An old (1998) article from The Lazy Scholar at Writers Write of The Internet Writing Journal:
How to Create a Character Profile, a good explanation for why the sometimes-exhaustive character sketch is important, maybe even crucial, for designing and maintaining the lives of your characters.


Finally, another character sheet from Laura Cushing at Gather, just in case you haven’t yet found one you love.


See you Monday, dear writing friends. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend.