Tuesday 5: Writing Resources

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Apologies for the brief (and unannounced) hiatus. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or (like us) Self Appreciation Day, we hope you have a very merry Tuesday!

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

Over 200 Free Online Educational Resources (post on Google+ from Johnathan Chung)

The Writing Reader: Creativity Prompts for Writers, Journalers, and Artists

From Author Darian Wilk (Crazy Lady with a Pen): Marketing Series

LegendFire: a free, author-driven, online creative writing community

11 Free Writing Communities

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What I love most about NaNoWriMo is the opportunity to communicate with hundreds of thousands of other dedicated writers, all across the globe. The loss of that collective, creative spirit in December is always a letdown. It’s with that thought in mind that I’ve put together a list of quality creative writing communities:

“Welcome to probably the most exciting story and poetry site in the world. The site where you can explore and develop your creative writing skills, get support from our editors, publish your short stories and poems online, get feedback and writing tips and meet fellow writers, all for free.”

“Booksie’s goal is to provide writers with an easy way to publish and promote their work and to provide readers with access to the best creative writing on the Web, organized and catalogued for easy browsing.”

Great Writing
“Great Writing is a free creative writing support forum where the aspiring authors, poets and bards come to read and review each other’s work.”

The Internet Writing Workshop
The Internet Writing Workshop is a set of mailing lists (groups) that communicate in English by email. We are: a community where writers can submit and critique written works, a forum to discuss and get help on all aspects of writing, a public service educational organization, staffed by volunteers and free of charge.”

Legend Fire
“LegendFire is a free, author-driven, online creative writing community. Our purpose is to provide a place where authors and poets of a broad range of genres can go to exchange feedback, make friends, and have fun!”

The Writer’s Beat
“We are a community of authors that share a common passion: writing. At the Writer’s Beat writing forums we discuss various topics related to the art of writing.”

“WritersCafe.org is an online writing community where writers can post their work, get reviews, befriend other writers, and much more..”

Writers Network
“Writers-Network is a FREE creative writing community created . . . to provide a place for writers and poets to share their writing, get constructive feedback and interact with other people who share their same passion.”

“Writing.Com, the premier online community for writers of all interests and skill levels, has been going strong . . . We provide an extremely creative environment for authors, offering hundreds of unique writing tools and opportunities for creation and inspiration.”
**(Site features a free membership and a several levels of paid membership. Compare here.)**

Writing Forums
“Creative Writing Forums – Writing Workshops, Writing Help, Writing Fiction, Creative Writing Contests”

Young Writers Online
“We’re a community of young writers, both new and experienced, dedicated to improving our writing. Members have access to: the Community Forum, for general site, literary, and off-topic discussion; the Writing Forum, for submitting writing and critiquing things posted by other members; plus the chatroom, contests, exercises, and more!”

Participating in NaNoWriMo? Here’s Where to Find Fellow NaNo-ers


If you haven’t heard about NaNoWriMo, you’ve been spending too much time under a rock . . . or maybe just writing so much you haven’t been spending a lot of time online perusing social networks. In that case, congratulations, you have far more self-discipline than me.

So here’s the deal, in a nutshell: 30 days. 50,000 words of a NEW writing project. An entire community of fellow Nanoers to cheer you on. Below I’ll tell you where to find them.

The main site: NaNoWriMo

List of Nanoers on Google+ (Nano forum post)
List of Nanoers on Twitter (Nano forum post)
List of Nanoers on Tumblr (Nano forum post. Is it weird that I know how to spell “Tumblr” yet my fingers automatically corrected it to “Tumbler”? It’s almost painful to spell it the “correct” way.)

For you Nanoers on Facebook . . .

NaNoWriMo’s official Facebook page
NaNoWriMo group

NaNoWriMo and Beyond group
Writers, Authors, and NaNoWriMo Friends group 
My writer profile – friend me! (Make sure you tell me where you know me from)

Join the groups and join the conversation. You will be welcomed with open arms.

On Twitter, hashtag #NaNoWriMo
(If you’re new to Twitter, type the hashtag into the search box. See who’s gearing up to write next month and then follow them.)

NaNoWriMo’s official Twitter profile 

On Google+, funnily enough, hashtag #NaNoWriMo

Seriously. Type it into the search box. Add those people using that hashtag to your circles, write something about NaNoWriMo on your About page so they know which circle to put you in (this step is crucial; otherwise you may not see their Nano-related posts), comment (and check out who comments) on their Nano posts. Before you know it, you’ll be making Nano friends left and right. Many participating Google Plussers have been posting their NaNoWriMo circles for other writers to see, making it especially easy for us to connect with each other.

And finally, the largest, most logical place to connect with other Wrimos is on the forums themselves. Check them out; peruse to your heart’s content. You won’t be disappointed. The forums, for me, have been and still are one of the largest sources of writing related help, information, and connections with other writers, during the month of November and each of the other 11 months of the year.

14 days and counting! Hope to see you there, dear writing friends.