The Tuesday Five: Writing Process (June 25)

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Does Your Hero Have a Hidden Dark Side?
from Lauren Sapala at Lauren Sapala

Your Character Did WHAT?
from Fiona Harper at The Pink Heart Society

Writing Addicted Characters
from Lisa Daniels at Jennifer Lane

Write Scenes a Beat at a Time
from Carol Despeaux at onewildword

Writing Extra Scenes
from Jag Swiftstorm at From a Jagged Inkwell

Writing Exercise:

Writing Tension into a Scene from Vikk Simmons at Down the Writer’s Path

General Resource:

Writing Excuses

Opinions on Writing Advice:

50 Rantypants Snidbits of Random Writing & Storytelling Advice from Chuck Wendig at terribleminds

My Writing Advice? Take Less Advice from Blythe Woolston at Blythe Woolston

10 Things Aspiring Novelists Should Know from Amanda Patterson at Writers Write AND…
“10 Things Aspiring Novelists Should Know”…maybe. from Alma Alexander at AlmaNews


The Monday Five: Writing Challenges/Prompts (April 22)

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Concept Art Writing Prompt: Blue Girl in the Chemist’s Lair
from io9: We Come From the Future

Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing
from The Trash Bash

Writing Assignment: Fifty Words
from First Today, Then Tomorrow

300 Word Writing Challenge
from Chronicles (Science Fiction and Fantasy Community)

7 Creative Writing Prompts to Spark Your Writing
from Brian A. Klems at Writer’s Digest

Thursday 10: Writing Tips, Challenges, Exercises; Free Kindle eBooks; Social Media Tips

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Writing Process


1. From Open CultureWriting Tips by Henry Miller, Elmore Leonard, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman & George Orwell 


2. From Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing: WIP Writing Exercises to Recharge Your Creativity


Writing Mechanics 


3. Daily Writing Tips (run by a team of professional writers and editors)


Writing Challenge


4. Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2012 (links to challenge home page)


Free Kindle eBooks 


5. Scott Nicholson Library, Volume 1 (links to Amazon)


6. Five Free eBooks, Various Authors (Mystery, Romance, Thriller) – links to Week in Rewind


Social Media 


7. From Mashable: 10 Pro Tips For Writers Using Social Media


8. From Jeff Bullas: How to Get 50% More Impressions on Your Facebook Page


9. From Social Media Magic: 10 Powerful Tips To Stimulate Facebook Fan Interaction


10. From Red Lemon Club:  7 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Connections Into Paying Clients